anthropology writing -2

These response papers provide opportunities for discussion and critical analysis of current biological, cultural, and social issues related to human growth and development. Reaction papers are only 2-3 pages long so writing should be concise and focused around a couple of main points. For this week, choose one of the articles attached to respond to. Additionally, read and respond to two of your peers’ posts. Engage the material and think “evolutionarily”. Connect with attached file. total word count: 850

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Option 1: BBC News. 2003. Girls top of the class worldwide: Women have overtaken men at every level of education in developed countries around the world. BBC; 9/16/03.


Gurian M. 2005. Disappearing act: Where have the men gone? No place good. WashingtonPost; 12/4/05.…

Option 2: Rimer S. 2007. For girls, it’s be yourself, and be perfect, too. The New York Times; 4/1/07.…