anthropology and biology writing

what are the main difference between a quartz crystal like the ones that were shown in class (a crystalline tetrahedral silicate with the basic chemical formula SiO2) and a living organism ( such as one of the plants or animals that you observed for your natural history encounters report)? be sure to consider the compositional, and structural differences between inorganic mineral crystals and the organic molecules found in every living organism 2. the various ways in which organisms utilize energy 3. the unifying themes of biology, such as cell theory, the hierarchical organization of life, the structure and functions of DNA in living organisms, the principles and processes of heredity, and the theory of evolution by natural selection 4. the unifying themes of geology and paleontology such as the theory of deep time, the geologic time scale, the concept of “organic progression”, the concept of “tree of life” 5. comparative anatomy and fossil record documenting the evolutionary history of the various groups of tetrapods that we find on our particular branch of that tree, including the amphibians, synapsids (mammal-like) reptiles, mammals, and especially primates

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