Answer these questions with the article attached

Answer in 2-3 sentences.

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  1. How would you segment the Indian automobile market? Where will the Nano have the most appeal?
  2. How should the Nano be positioned?
  3. Will the Nano cannibalize Indica and Tata’s other popular models?
  4. What are the economics of the Nano for the channel (component suppliers, manufacturer, dealers, etc.)?
  5. Should Tata’s sales and distribution strategy be changed for the Nano? Is the planned distribution model of local assembly feasible?
  6. Will Tata be able to ensure quality and consistency? How important is car quality for the Nano? How important is service?
  7. How do you evaluate Nano from various perspectives (Tata Motors, prospective consumers, society)?
  8. What is the value of the media coverage the Nano has received?
  9. What is the global expansion strategy for the Nano?
  10. Talk about the company and what they’re trying to do with this new product.