Analysis Buyer persona

I have a project divided into 4 parts

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we have finished the first part so far( the part 1 project attached below). Kindly take a look at it to know what is the project about.

There is another file attached below for the content of part 2.

I took the Buyer Persona (1,2) Part

I would like you to write a bout this part following the insinstructions mentioned in the attached file below

This is the website of the company if you want to take a look at their work

and here is a small brief about what the company is

Rice Life, LLC is a firm that looks into the needs of every individual in the farming industry across the United States. It does this by producing clothes that are supposed to represent the life and lifestyle of people within the farming industry. The mainstream clothes companies do not produce clothing that is suitable for people in this industry. As a result, individuals feel that their needs are not addressed by the fashion industry. Rice Life LLC meets these needs by producing clothes that this community can associate with thereby allowing them to have clothes that are tailored to meet their needs and uses.

The company also aims to represent the values and traditions that people know and love within the farming industry. It targets people who farm rice, chicken, cows, beans, cotton, and many other agricultural products that are produced within the country. It does this by representing art about farming and the things that farmers like and displaying them on their clothes. It is for those who farm, hunt, and fish together as part of their daily lives.