American Federalism essay

must be less than 10% plagiarism

  1. Locate a current article about how policies have changed a business or a technology design that was published within the last 6 months.
  2. Complete the attached article form and post to the discussion area to share with your peers.
  3. Title your discussion board submission as we do not want any duplicate articles to make sure to check the boards to ensure someone else is not doing the same article.
  4. Once you have claimed your article and posted the title/author/form to the discussion area, write a 2-3 page summarizing what you learned from the article and how you feel it will have an impact on businesses or technology for the future. Questions to help drive your writing:
    1. Was the regulation a good one?
    2. Did it make it more complicated for business or technology development?
    3. Is there anything you would have changed?

5. Submit your paper for grading and don’t forget to use APA for your formatting.

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