American Ethnic Studies paper

Paper should have two components. First, you must identify and discuss your film/book/etc., in terms of how it attempts to say something about people of color. In other words, you might ask, how does the plot involve African American women? Asian American men, or whatever other group you decide to focus on (you can look at more than one racial ethnic group in the United States or just focus on one, depending on the movie, etc.)? Who is the hero/ine? What types of activities/dialogue do people of color have? How do the characters interact? What literary/film/musical strategies are used to depict particular aspects of racial ethnic life?

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The second aspect of your assignment is an historical analysis of what you have read/seen/heard. Find out what the historical/political/social context was when the piece was created. How does the storyline reflect the historical context in which it was created? What is the evidence of this impact in the story/film?

You must use information from the class to support your paper. This may be in the form of lectures and/or readings. Some additional research may be necessary. Suggested reference films to help with your analysis include Ethnic Notions (for African Americans), More Than Bows and Arrows (for Native Americans), Bronzed Image (for Latinos/as), Slanted Screen and Slaying the Dragon (for Asian American & Pacific islander American men and women, respectively). You are encouraged to use the recommended readings before relying on any other material. The main objective is to understand and explain how cultural productions occur in particular historical contexts and how people of color are affected by such productions.

You must be sure to type (double space) your assignment, how no more than 1.25” margins about 8 pages, and use conventional footnote/bibliographic citations.

Here are some films and notes:

Spirit of Crazy Horse

Ethnic Notions

Days of Waiting

Carved in Silence

I am Joaquin