American Empire.

To complete this exercise:

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1) Learn about American imperialism around the turn of the 20th century in The American Yawp, Chapter 19, edited by historians Ellen Adams and Amy Kohout.

2) Read the primary sources titled in The American Yawp Reader: “William McKinley on American Expasionism,” “William James on ‘The Philippine Question,'”and “James Phelan on ‘Why the Chinese Should be Excluded.”

2) Review the resources on how to make an argument.

3) Answer the questions below using the Format found in the next page:

Analyze the Secondary Source

Identify the chapter’s section that you found the most interesting. Perhaps, the section was unexpected, or you agree / disagree strongly, or you are familiar with the subject.

  1. What is this section about?
  2. Define one key terms found in the section in your own words.
  3. What is Ellen Adams and Amy Kohout’s main argument in this section?
  4. Discuss why you agree or disagree with the argument above. (4 sentences minimum).

Analyze the Primary Source

Choose one of the assigned primary source that relates the most to one that relates to the chapter’s section that you have analyzed to answer the questions below.

  1. What was this source?
  2. Who was the source’s author? When and where was it created? What relevant milestone was happening at the time?
  3. What powerful words and ideas are expressed?
  4. Does this primary source support, expands or contradict Ellen Adams and Amy Kohout’s argument? Explain. (4 sentences minimum).

Make your Historical Argument

Now that you have a good idea of the secondary source and the primary source, it is time to focus on you.

  1. Identify one subject found in both the secondary and primary source that you want to focus on. (1 sentence).
  2. What do you think about your subject? (3 sentence minimum).
  3. Provide one historical example, statement or fact from either the secondary or primary sources that you believe supports your view.
  4. Why do you think your ideas are important to understand American imperialism? (4 sentence minimum).