Always include a label under your photograph with artist/architect, title, date of the work you


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Always include a label under your photograph with artist/architect,
title, date of the work you’ve chosen. Always include a source,
properly formatted (see style guide).
Use detailed visual analysis of the work and/or published comments by
the artist to support your interpretation. *Please note: Always provide a
visual analysis/description of the artwork you are using as an example.
You should describe the visual aspects of the work in detail in an
attempt to support your argument.

In this unit you learned about printed images on paper. During the early
modern period in Europe, prints on paper were capable, for the first
time in history, of reaching a broad audience. Communities hitherto
isolated from one another now had access to similar texts, images and
the ideologies they conveyed. Thinking of mainstream media today, how is
diversity reflected? Use an example from cable/internet programs,
commercials, advertisements, music/Youtube videos, magazines, comic
books or movies. Whenever relevant, describe how your example reflects
or differs from your own experience. Respond to this question in 10
complete sentences (minimum) and upload an image of a work of art (film
still or movie ad is fine) that supports your point of view. Discuss the
work of art in your response, using it as an example. After you have
uploaded your response, respond to the two previous threads by two
different coursemates. Refer to specific points in coursemates’
responses, and be as specific as possible. This is an academic exercise,
so do not generalize. Do you agree with your coursemates on this
subject? Why? Why not? In what way can your coursemate improve their