African descent

Students should conduct an interview with ONE person of African descent (Not a first generation African or person born in Africa) of his/her choice of at least 50 years of age. Record comprehensive responses to the following Questions and follow-up questions:

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1) How will you prefer to be identified? As Black, African, African-American, Caribbean, Biracial, Mixed, Negro, etc ? Why such preference? Why not the other references?

2) What is your relationship with Africa

3) What has been your personal experience with racism during your life time?

4) Is racism against Blacks still a problem in modern America? Why or Why Not?

5) What has been your experience with colorism and what do you think about its effects within the Black Community in your country of origin or America of the 21st Century?

6) Will it matter if your child or grand-child brought home a partner of a different race than yours? Why or Why not?

7) Besides your family members, identify and justify for two of your heroes/heroines within the community of African descent.

8) What has been your experience with stereotypes and what does it mean to you?

9) Should blacks be compensated for the enslavement of their ancestors?

10) Will you like to return and settle in Africa? Why or Why Not?

11) Which has been your best black movie so far and why?

12) How free are Black people free today?

N/B: Papers must:

-Be written in a Q & A format

-Be maximum of three typed one & a half spaced pages minus the cover page which should include the required joined picture of you together with your informant

-Include a brief biography of your informant

-include a picture taken of you and your informant physically together within the time of the interview

-Contact – telephone number of your informant

– A Conclusion summarizing your project experience/impact of the project on you