Administrative Law, economics homework help

For this assignment, you’ll be completing a subpoena and hearing
request. Again, this is the sort of task you might actually do at a law

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Your supervising attorney has just given you the following assignment:
Jose Cuervo has come into the office with a serious matter. He was
involved in a car accident and hit a pole. He was arrested for a DUI and
the cop said he refused to submit to a breathalyzer. His license was
suspended for one year since he did not take the breathalyzer. Jose said
he wasn’t drinking and the empty whiskey bottles in the back seat
belonged to his brother Jack D. He said he passed out when he hit the
pole and woke up in the ambulance and was never asked to take a
breathalyzer test. He drives for his job and needs the suspension

Your employer, Iam Shark, attorney at law, has asked you to help
prepare his case for an administrative hearing at the Arizona Department
of Transportation. He wants you to prepare a hearing request and a subpoena.
The attorney wants to subpoena the records from the ambulance company
that will show Jose was passed out until he was in the ambulance.

The Arizona Department of Transportation website (Links to an external site.) contains the necessary hearing request and subpoena forms (see the FAQ tab to obtain the forms.)

You have spoken to the client and have the following information:

  • Jose Cuervo, 1 Inebriated Drive, Phoenix, Arizona, Case Number RT199-443
  • DOB 3/11/1967, DL # DO 33420001
  • Attorney Email:, Work Phone: (623) 555-5555
  • SouthWest Ambulance, 1 Main Street, Phoenix, AZ 85023
  • Hearing date: (You will fill this in later once you get a hearing date)
  • Date of accident 3/11/2015

Your assignment is to complete:

  • The hearing request form
  • The subpoena form

Please complete both forms entirely and pay attention to details. Both documents should be “Law Office Ready”.