Action Plan and Selection

Please assume that you have 3-month budget for your selected subject area(s). For example, let’s say your annual budget for your entire collection is $100,000, and 20% will be allocated for your selected subject areas. Then, now you should assume that $5,000 to spend toward collection development in a particular subject area or areas.

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Briefly state the annual budget for the entire collection, and % of budgets for your selected area(s). Now, you can calculate 3-month budget for your selected subject area(s). Within the budget, you select and purchase materials for those subject areas. Do not limit yourself to books. Be sure to look at serials, electronic, and non-book materials as may be appropriate under your collection development policy.

  1. Using selection aids (such as Choice, Booklist,etc.) identify potential items for purchase. Describe the sources used for this purpose and why you chose those particular sources.
  2. From this group of potential titles, select enough appropriate titles to spend your budget without going over the budget more than $100. Tell how you narrowed down the potential titles to the ones actually chosen. Provide a list of the chosen titles with all necessary ordering information (such as author, title, publisher, date, edition if applicable, and ISBN or ISSN).
  3. Tell where you would purchase the chosen items, and why you would use these particular publishers/jobbers.