acc100 response Assessing the company’s performance, accounting homework help

All successful companies constantly evaluate the performance of their company. Comparing the figures of a company prior figures, industry competitors or other successful business is one of the norms for a company. As an investor / creditor, I would look at more than attainable numbers, such as sales, profits, and total asset, however those figures are important. The ratios I believe to be key information needed to make accurate predictions about the company’s financial condition when analyzing a company would be ratios such as income, profitability liquidity, working capital, bankruptcy, long-term analysis, and other key ratios. These are profitable tools in financial analysis, which predicts and provide indications of potential problem areas, for example net sales-cost of goods sold / net sales = gross profit on net sales.

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Target is my chosen company, as a creditor or investor the ratio that would provide the most information to make accurate prediction about Target financial condition: I would analyze their segment financial ratios. Because the segment margin shares the amount of net profit or loss generated by a portion of the company. In my opinion it is key to tracking segment margins, in order to know which segment of a total business are performing better or worse than average. This particular segment of information would be pertinent to me in my decision making.

In my opinion it is important to track how your business is doing, comparing to past quarters and years. However,it is equally important to know how your business is doing in comparison to the competitors.