6.3 Discussion: Qualitative Methods

In this discussion:

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  • State your Research Topic, Objective/Purpose and Research Question(s).
  • List and label the dependent and independent variables
  • State the null and alternate hypotheses.
  • What qualitative methods could be used to address your research question(s)? Describe any that could be applied.
  • Which would be the most appropriate? Why?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages


Research topic: How air pollution affects the health of humans.

The purpose of this study is to determine and research on the harm of air pollution towards human health.

My proposed question is, “How does long-term exposure to air pollution affects the health of humans”.

Please reference from this textbook

Politano, M. P., Roberts, D. L., & Walton, R. O. (2017). Introduction to the process of research: Methodology considerations (1st ed.). Charleston, SC: Hang Time Publishing.