550 words analysis using 3 specific metrics

The basis of the project assumes that you are a potential investor and the purpose of the report is to evaluate the chosen entity as a potential investment opportunity. The report should address the following issue at a minimum:

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( The PLC that i choose is GLANBIA listed as an Irish Stock Exchange)


in these link you will find the annual report ( Cash flow/ EPS/ operating Profit or loss ) that required in the question below

the solution has to be in the table.

  1. Prepare a table which focuses exclusively on the following three key metrics for the entity:
  • Cash Flow
  • Operating Profit/Loss
  • Earnings Per Share (EPS).

Critically assess the performance over the two years using these metrics and discuss the similarities and/or differences in the trend for each metric.


Provide an overall conclusion on the investment decision, clearly outlining the positives and negatives of an investment in this entity and identifying any additional information which may be desirable.

i uploaded the files for the answers, please put the references in Harvard style, the word count should be 550 words.