4 questions about the book “The Prince Machiavelli”

Please answer the 4 questions using the book.

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I have uploaded the book In case you need it.

please if you didn’t road the book or you have no idea about the book don’t bid on my question

1.. What is the historical context for Machiavelli’s text? Explain what makes that historical context important.

2.Identify four attributes a Prince must possess in order to control his principality and explain why Machiavelli’s thinks they are important to leadership.

3.Imagine you are a consultant for a political candidate in contemporary America. Identify three pieces of “advice” from Machiavelli’s text that might help your candidate. Explain why those pieces of advice are the most important.

4.Explain the ways Machiavelli’s The Prince is emblematic of Renaissance values. In other words, what makes this a thoroughly Renaissance text?