4 page , Tracking Quality

I am Gracey Jayden from Ohio Uni, Please give me a better tutor this time like the first you gave me initially.. I will pay total $40 for all the work through the website ti pp ing system at the end as always. I hope thats enough to get me quality work.

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I will also pay as tip like I always do, so please do not send me any bid for anyone who bids higher, I wish you could get Jefftutor or someone i have worked with before again to do this please.

Anyway, i need a 4 page (APA Double Space, at least 4 credible sources) response to this:

Keeping track of project performance and taking corrective action when necessary has become a serious issue for project managers at your company.

  • If you are hired in the middle of a software project (the previous project manager was fired), what would you do to ensure that the project conforms to agreed-upon quality and is delivered on schedule?
  • What are some of the causes of schedule creep and poor quality?
  • When is it appropriate to distribute the project milestone report to stakeholders?