3 pages interview essay

The goal of this essay is to interview a social media professional about their career and apply what we’ve learned in class to understanding more about the field. Your work should include an introduction, a Q&A style interview, and then a conclusion.

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Instructor approval is required for your professional interview. If you have trouble finding someone to interview the instructor can provide assistance.


Your essays should be 3 pages in length, done in 12 point Times New Roman font and follow MLA guidelines.

The following is the breakdown of how points will be awarded for this essay:

Introduction (15 points)

Engage the reader with an enticing introductory paragraph that includes basic details about your interview subject, why you selected them, and what you hope to learn from your work.

Background (20 points)

Dig comprehensively into the past of your interview subject, learning why they wanted to become a social media professional and what path they took, including education, job history, etc.

Current Job (20 points)

Walk your reader through a day in the life of your interview subject, helping them to understand their ongoing job responsibilities and what it takes to be a social media professional.

Social Media Landscape (30 points)

Have a meaningful discussion with your interview subject about the state of social media and their opinions about the future of the industry. Draw upon what you’ve learned in this class in crafting questions that address the topics we’ve covered.

Conclusion (15 points)

Circle back to your introductory thoughts and reevaluate them given what you’ve discussed over the course of the essay. Wrap everything up and end with a definitive thought on your subject.