3 page topic essay

This is a graded exercise. Please make sure to follow the instructions carefully, as an evaluator will be giving you feedback on your submission. You must submit your paper as a file.

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The final project for this course will involve developing an essay based on a topic of interest in your field of study. For this exercise, you will research a source on a topic that is of interest to you as practice. Once you have located the source, be sure to read it, take notes, and freewrite a quick response to ensure that you understand the purpose and message of the source. Note you will be using a variety of audiences to determine how to best paraphrase the source. Then, in 2-3 pages, complete the following:

  • Summarize the main points of the resource.
  • Paraphrase the source for an audience of high school students. This audience is not likely to have any specialized knowledge of the topic, and you will have to use relatively informal language to paraphrase the source. You will also need to tell them why this information is important to them to encourage them to read it.
  • Paraphrase the source for an audience of college students who are just beginning to study in your field. You can assume they have introductory knowledge of the topic and the language will need to be semiformal. Be sure to also tell this audience why the information is important to them.
  • Paraphrase the source for a formal audience of experts in this field of study. They have a lot of background knowledge, and the language should be formal.
  • Be sure that all the paraphrases have an in-text citation and include a reference list citation at the end of the exercise (reference list entry should include the author’s name, the date of publication, title, and publication or web link information).
  • Write 1-2 paragraphs that compare the three paraphrases. What were the main differences? What was most challenging about developing each one?
  • Be sure to include in-text citation where appropriate and a reference list at the at the end of your paper.