3 page paper about a psychologist and and answer this questions

Writing Guidelines
1. Select a psychologist whose theories you find interesting.

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time New Roman 12 point print.

 Double spaced.

 APA format of citation within paper (APA format)  Bibliography using APA format

2. Read about the psychologist and his/her theories using the textbook, internet
websites, and or books in the library.

3. In three pages or more discuss the background of the psychologist and their
 Paragraph One “Background Information”: Discuss background
information including: education, country of origin, birth date (and
date of death if applicable), marital status and marital information,
family background information, and any other interesting
information about their life such as winning a Nobel Prize.
(maximum 30 points)

Paragraph Two “Theory”: Discuss their theory. For example: if
discussing Pavlov be sure to explain his theory of classical
conditioning. (maximum 30 points)
 Paragraph Three “Application/Critique”: Discuss the importance of
this theory in the field of psychology, and how this theory is applied
today. If the theory is controversial, then discuss the controversies
regarding the theory and arguments for and against it. For
example: Kholberg’s theory is considered controversial because he
had only male participants in his study which makes it challenging
to apply some of his conclusions to females. (maximum 30 points)

 Page Two “Bibliography”: Cite any sources used in your paper using
APA format. (maximum 10 points)

Additional Important Information:

 One full page. If you want to add your name to the paper please do
so on a cover page (although not necessary to add name to this
assignment), since placing a name etc…will take away from the one
full page requirement.
 Standard English grammar, punctuation, and appropriate

answer this question – Finding the right person for adult intimacy requires finding oneself first. In adulthood, people continue to forge their sexual identities and to establish sexual meanings within cultural and personal contexts.

In your response of 7 sentences or more discuss:

  • What life experiences are most influential in forming sexual meanings?
  • How do sexual meanings affect intimate relationships?
  • How does a sense of personal identity impact forming intimate relationships?
  • How does lacking in personal identity or sense of self impact forming intimate relationships?
  • Can we change our sexual meanings and identity? Why or Why not?