2 Student Peers Replies

My posted essay for the board: was on “George Washington” > View Here For That.

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Second – Respond to a peers post comparing historical figures

Respond to at least 2 other entries – 20 points – Answer any or all of the following questions and post it using the format below. Each peer reply should be at minimum 200 words in length – section titles, re-posting questions, and website links DO NOT COUNT.

Similarities and differences:

How does the person you chose compare to the person you are responding to?

In what ways are they similar, and in what ways are they difference?

What examples best support your comparison?

Historical significance:

Is your person more/less important than the person you are responding to? Why or why not?

What are some examples to support your position?

Role reversal:

Your person is now switched with the person you are responding to. How would your person act in that situation?

How would the person you are responding to act in your situation? Feel free to speculate.

Each response should be 200 words in length total. Respond to at least two other posts for full credit.

Once you have posted your initial post and responded to two other’s the assignment is complete.


Below is the 2 other students post to answer on.

Student A: V C

Student B: C R

Please make the replies based off the 2 students above.

Should be answered with documents like this: “Student A.docx & Student B.docx”

Thank You So Much, I hope this is understandable.