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First assignment 5 pages 

Reflective Paper 1 

submit a reflective paper
tracing a key idea or concept of the development of the conflict management
field from its origins to today.  The paper should not explain the entire
history of the field, but just a specific element within it.  For example,
you might discuss international conflict management, the growth of the field in
academia, or the use of problem solving workshops.  The first two or three
pages of the paper should trace the historical development of the
element.  The rest of the paper should discuss the importance of the
element for the field and its relevance today.

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Bottom of Form


second assignment 5 pages 

Reflective Paper 2

Submit a reflective paper on the experience of conducting an interview and
being interviewed.

  • What
    did you learn from the experience of being on both sides of this process?
  • Did
    the interview provide any new perspectives on the position for which you
    were interviewing, your interest in the position, or the conflict
    management field?
  • What
    did you learn from the feedback you received?