2 Page Eng Definition Essay

Definition: Defining a Core Value

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Personally Speaking: Happiness is What You Make It

Where did this come from? Where did you hear it? How does it alter your world view?

For this assignment, you will think about a value that you learned early on – a Core Value. Start the essay with a formal definition as your thesis, but then add to this by helping us understand what the core value is, why it is important, where you go it from, etc. This should be more formal that a narrative essay, but you can be creative with this assignment as well.

The point of this paper is not so much to reach some earth-shaking conclusion or moral/philosophical lesson, but to learn how to define a term and help us understand the term and how you understand it and use it in daily life. However, you can certainly include profundity of philosophy if you so choose.

In a two-page minimum length paper, you will be defining a term and telling us what it means, how you use it, and where it came from. This may require you to do a little research on the value of choice. You can even include a story about how this value relates to your life. As you conclude, you will want to restate the reason for the definition and the definition itself in other words than those of the definition you used in the introduction. There are many other possibilities for an organizational structure to the assignment; remember, be creative.

Format: 12 pt. type, Times New Roman font, black ink, double spaced, general MLA format, one-inch margins, numbered pages with last name, basically correct in grammar, mechanics, and idiom.