150-200 discussion post

Post 1 150-200 word discussion regarding one of the following topics or/ any other topic of interest that has been brought up during discussion session or that you would like to bring up for further discussion.

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Make sure to use pages and quotations from the texts or media to support your argument for each of the prompts.

Theme: World building as a personal or systematic affair.

1. Consider the concept of an open world RPGs in a closed world system. In a world that is created to function only as programmed, is the world already built, or it is something that the player builds as they participate? For example, if there are areas that a player does not explore in a built world (side quests, characters that are never talked to, events that are only triggered by certain events etc.) does this world still exist? How does this translate to our own perception of the real world?

2. Consider the relation between the corporate and the system of gaming, and the perception of gaming as a career and “marketability”. Similarly to the issues seen in Cloud Atlas, many games are considered problematic in their nature because of certain portrayals, and expectation not just in game but outside. If gaming is considered a “leisure activity,” yet gaming is an “industry” which includes programmers, designers, maintenance, and “pro” gamers, what can be said about this incorporation of leisure and pleasure into a “productive” capitalist society?

3.In The Talented Mr. Ripley, Tom Ripley is In The Talented Mr. Ripley, Tom Ripley is designed to be a highly intelligent sociopathic criminal. How does the narrative structure of Mr. Ripley create this image of “highly intelligent sociopath”? What is the disparity seen between how Tom creates his perception of the world and how the world exists around him?