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For this assignment, you can select one company from the links below.

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Select an organization and identify and evaluate the components of its Strategic Plan (i.e., Vision, Mission, Values, Core Competencies, Goals, Objectives, Action/Implementation Plan, Metrics, etc.) by answering the following questions:

  • Write a brief statement introducing the organization (yours, one you researched, or from the link below).
  • In the Strategic Plan…what is the overall purpose and the desired results of the organization, and how will the organization achieve the desired results?
  • In the Mission Statement… what is the statement on why the organization exists? How clear / understandable is that statement to you and the employees? Explain.
  • In the Vision Statement… describe where the organization is headed, what it intends to be, or how it wishes to be perceived in the future. How clear, concise, and memorable is this statement to you and the employees?
  • In the Strategic Plan’s Content…How has the plan has considered the strategic environment? Explain using examples.
  • How do the goals and objectives support the vision, mission, values, core competencies, of the organization? Explain using examples.
  • How difficult is the plan to understand? Explain using examples.
  • What are your other observations and reactions to the plan? What do you like? What could be improved? Be specific in your responses and provide examples to illustrate your points.

Organizations with links to strategic plans: