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hey buddy how is it going ?

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I wish everything going well

so for now I have a reflection paper about hospitality topic

I’m going to give you all the requirements

Each Student will review one Hospitality Hot Topic article over the course of the term. Each student will be responsible for turning in a written reflection regarding issues that industry is facing. Each Student will then present these issues to the class (see Appendix B).

Hospitality Hot Topic Review Criteria

Please provide the following Information:

Name: 1-2 pages

Today’s Date: Double-spaced

12 pt Times New Roman Font

Journal Name Single-sided

STAPLE article to back of report



  • Briefly state the main idea of the topic. What is the essence and central theme that was conveyed by the author? How does this impact the hospitality industry? How does it correlate to the topics discussed in class?
  • FACTS:
    • Identify at least three important facts that the author uses to support the main idea. What is the rationale, justification and importance of the material that was presented? What data does the author use to support the main idea?
  • Identify any new terms or concepts that were brought forth in the article and write a brief definition of each term or concept.



  • What specific examples, concepts or tools from the article will help you lead your organization? How can you incorporate the information from the article into your role as a future business/hospitality leader?(must make big impact

I need you to write one page and half

also make sure to find an easy article because I think i’m going to present the work

So please my friend as always make it very easy to understand and low level of vocabularies