1-2 page paper.creative writing

Post 7 Choosing Attention and Gratitude

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a few minutes to engage in one of the gratitude activities from class.
Respond to the following questions/prompts in about 3-4 sentences each
for about 1-2 pages total.

  • How did practicing gratitude go for you? What activity did you try?
    Why did you pick that activity? Share what changes you felt in your mood
    from before the activity to afterwards.
  • Share a time in the past where you would have benefited from using
    turning the mind? How would it have changed how you felt about the
    situation? Would it have changed the outcome at all?
  • Complete a WOOP for using more gratitude practices based on the
    following four prompts. Remember to include all four parts of the WOOP,
    putting particular focus on naming an internal obstacle and an if/then
    statement for your plan.

    • What is something you wish to change in your future in terms of your
      gratitude and/or ability to use turning the mind? This change can be
      longer term, but make sure to then also identify something for within
      the next 4 weeks.
    • What would a specific outcome be if you were to live out the above wish?
    • What is an obstacle that has kept/will keep you from using gratitude
      and/or turning the mind? Name at least one internal barrier, although
      you can also name exterior barriers as well.
    • What are your plans for overcoming these obstacles and barriers to
      use gratitude and turning the mind? Make sure to include an if/then
      statement (per our class lesson on WOOP) and then expand on how you will
      ensure you stick with that plan. Include specific steps.
  • What is one thing that resonated with you class on Wednesday,
    particularly from the lecture material? What do you still have questions
    about (if anything)?

For the second part of the homework, write a half a page about something that happened this week that you are grateful for.

For the third part of the homework post, we want you to reflect on the reading for next week and the associated videos and answer the following questions (about a half page):